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High Voltage Services


Horan Power Engineering provide maintenance and repair services for HV equipment. We provide highly skilled engineers and SAPs with specific experience in maintaining wind farm and solar farm equipment.  We operate and maintain approximately 100MW of wind and solar farm equipment.  Our solar farm maintenance portfolio includes full maintenance (including panels) on the largest solar farm in Northern Ireland.


Horan Power Engineering currently operates a high voltage control room that has overseen over 2000 switching schedules, and trained and appointed over 100 Senior Authorised Persons for companies operating in the UK and Ireland on distribution level networks.


We operate over 1GW of HV networks across over 40 wind and solar sites.


Horan Power Engineering’s high voltage control room works to high voltage rules and systems that would be familiar to most distribution network operators in the UK.  We see no need to ‘water down’ the safety standards for high voltage working in the renewables industry.  Experienced engineers in the high voltage control room check and approve all switching operations (both planned and unplanned) and provide a safety net that allows Senior Authorised Persons to operate safely in the field.


The high voltage control room is the hub from where we manage the training and appointment of all high voltage staff, review and approve switching procedures for pre-planned works and provide technical support and emergency support.  A live website shows the status of the high voltage network on all the high voltage networks we manage and provides a library of useful information and previously approved schedules that is available to all authorised staff.


Authorisations are managed through our Orange Card system, which allows the authorisations of employees to be queried on site, by connecting to a web based database. Authorisations can be added or removed instantly, and use of the system monitored to ensure the competence of employees is being checked on site prior to starting work or the issue of safety documents.


The complete package for high voltage management

An integrated approach

Horan Power Engineering’s experience in operations and maintenance mean we are able to offer a comprehensive suite of services to keep your high voltage equipment operating in a safe and reliable way.

Our experience in operating assets has given us a strong belief that high voltage maintenance should be planned on a scientific basis, with efforts concentrated on the equipment that is likely to fail and have a big impact on safety or reliability. This reduces the strain on equipment and budgets from unnecessary invasive, time consuming maintenance. Instead we recommend the monitoring of equipment through non-invasive inspections and trip tests, with invasive maintenance undertaken only when appropriate. Of course, all required maintenance is carried out and documented to ensure legal requirements are met, which includes maintenance of an asset database. This is managed through our tablet based data capture system during maintenance, which feeds back in real time to a centralised database accessible via our website.

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