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We can design and manage your renewable energy project for you.  From the earliest development stages Horan Power Engineering can offer honest, impartial advice to give your project the greatest chance of success in achieving planning consent, grid connection and economic delivery.


Services provided include power system studies and earthing design, health and safety management, project management, commissioning and operational management of renewable projects.


We are experts in the inspection of solar farms and our clients include over 50% of the UK solar industry.  We inspect and test electrical assets, provide condition assessments and cost up any remedial actions required.  Our technical reports are often used to support the client’s discussions at the end of warranty or final acceptance point.

Transmission and Distribution

We have provided design and delivery services for some prestigious projects, including substations for the largest offshore wind farm in the world and a 2200MW high voltage DC interconnector.


Our engineers have worked for utilities in the UK and abroad.  We understand the importance of the electricity customers when delivering projects at distribution voltages.  The replacement of equipment in live substations or reconductoring of overhead lines can be a challenge, and our expertise is in the management of complex projects like this.


We have also worked on many transmission projects at voltages up to 600kV, with diverse roles from writing the technical specifications and compliance checking the equipment through to contract management of entire transmission projects.


Our engineers and project managers are experts in their fields

From pre-planning feasibility through to final operation and maintenance, we can offer a wide range of services.

We can provide planning, environmental and grid connection assessments at the early stages of your project as well as optimising the energy yield from renewable energy projects.

We can carry out grid integration studies, including all studies necessary to connect a renewable energy project to the grid.

We are used to project managing large projects, and can manage your power engineering project from start to finish.

We can provide specialist health and safety support, combining real world construction experience with a deep understanding of the applicable regulations.  We are used to managing high risk situations

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