Horan Power Engineering Ltd,
Honeycomb West, Honeycomb,
Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9QH
  • Power Engineering

    Voltages up to 600kV
    Complex projects such offshore wind and high voltage DC

  • High Voltage Services

    Maintenance and repair of high voltage equipment
    Safe operation of equipment through our high voltage control room

  • Consultancy Services

    Helping our clients to design and implement their power engineering projects
    Specialist experience in renewable energy systems

We are power engineering consultants with specialist experience in solar and wind power.

Horan Power Engineering’s consultants have developed, constructed, operated and maintained renewable generation assets throughout the UK. We have hands on experience in solar PV, anaerobic digestion and wind power both onshore and offshore.

Capable of undertaking a range of specialist electrical studies, our engineers work with both transmission and distribution systems, from 11kV through to 600kV HVDC.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, and strive for engineering excellence in all that we do.

High Voltage Services

Horan Power Engineering has extensive high voltage experience, from managing the specification and construction of offshore wind farm substations, through to managing high voltage networks and writing HV safety rules for major transmission assets.

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Horan Power Engineering can offer a multitude of services throughout the planning, design, construction and operational phases of onshore and offshore electrical projects.

From initial development feasibility studies and grid inquiries, through design, planning and into construction, Horan Power Engineering can provide the technical expertise to support your project.

Consultancy Services

With specialist knowledge and experience in renewables and transmission and distribution we can offer a wide range of services to support your project from initial feasibility through to delivery & operation.

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Latest Project:

Step-in to reinstate production on a solar farm

Balancing technical and commercial risk on behalf of solar farm owners and operators

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